See the new form contract for customers' purchase of all three (softare, SaaS, & IT services) through a single contract: the "ITMA" -- in the Forms Library

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Below are full-length tech contract forms, in MS Word.

These form contracts are provided free of charge, including for use in your contracts and your clients’ contracts. But they’re subject to our TERMS OF USE & PRIVACY, which includes both disclaimers and license restrictions on reselling the forms.

Table of Contents

Customer’s ITMA (Information Technology Master Agreement)

Licensed software, SaaS, professional services, or any combo of the three; customer’s form contract; customer-friendly; accommodates multiple projects/licenses/SoW’s; ink signature. Posted/revised October 20, 2017.

Consulting Services Agreement

Consultant/vendor-friendly; professional services by an individual consultant; assignment of IP and confidentiality (NDA) terms; multiple statements of work; ink signature. Posted/revised October 20, 2017.

Mobile App Software License & SaaS Subscription

Licensed software (downloadable mobile app) + SaaS — all-in-one agreement for both app and remote service, through mobile device; vendor-friendly. Posted/revised October 30, 2017.

SaaS Terms of Service, Simple

Vendor-friendly; simple; online execution. Posted/revised November 1, 2017.

IT Master Services Agreement

Professional services; multiple statements of Work; ink signature. Posted/revised November 1, 2017.

Staff Confidentiality & Assignment Agreement

Employee (but easily modified for other individual staff-member); broad assignment/ownership transfer; one-way NDA. Posted/revised October 20, 2017.

Mutual Nondisclosure Agreement

Easily transformed into 1-way NDA. Posted/revised November 1, 2017.

Hybrid Cloud Agreement w/ Professional Services

SaaS + licensed software; professional services for implementation & customization; vendor-friendly; system access for customer’s own customers/clients. Posted/revised November 1, 2017.

Software License, Customization, & Maintenance Agreement

Software license w/ integration or other customization; short maintenance terms; source code escrow. Posted/revised October 20, 2017.

Distribution License Agreement (VAR)

Value-added reseller / distribution as embedded component; provider (vendor) -friendly. Posted/revised October 20, 2017.

End-User License Agreement (EULA) w/ Maintenance:

Vendor-friendly; maintenance plan; source code escrow. Posted/revised October 20, 2017.

SaaS Terms of Service w/ Sub-Customers

Vendor-friendly; system access for customer’s own customers/clients; online execution. Posted/revised November 1, 2017.

Statement of Work Form

Contract attachment for use w/ professional services agreements. Posted/revised November 1, 2017.

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