Draft and negotiate software licenses, cloud computing agreements, and other IT Contracts – better and faster.

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The Tech Contracts Handbook:
Software Licenses and Technology Services Agreements for Lawyers and Businesspeople

by David W. Tollen

from the American Bar Association – IP Section


“David Tollen has distilled years of practical experience into an easy to use 200+ page guide with sample clauses, analysis and practical tips. It is an invaluable deskbook resource for both businesspeople and lawyers responsible for software and technology licenses.” — Ian Ballon, author of E-Commerce and Internet Law and other works, Executive Director of Stanford University Law School’s Center for E-Commerce

“This book is one of the best and most thorough resources available to a practitioner today. It successfully balances practical advice with theory, resulting in a book that provides value to the novice and skilled practitioner alike. By annotating his discussion with relevant clauses, Mr. Tollen is able to clearly convey his in-depth subject knowledge without overwhelming the reader with unnecessary information. In short, The Tech Contracts Handbook is a must read for anyone associated with technology licensing.” — H. Ward Classen, Deputy General Counsel, Computer Sciences Corporation

“As an adjunct law professor of a practical skills Technology Contract Drafting course, it has always been a challenge to find a text book that covers material that real world contract attorneys address on a daily basis and that approaches technology contract drafting from a practical, not an academic, point of view. David’s book clearly achieves both of these objectives. Also, it is the rare law school text book that will be useful to students down the road as a “go to” resource in their practice. It is thorough, yet practical–a difficult balance to achieve.” — William Reilly, Adjunct Professor (Technology Contracting), University of San Francisco School of Law